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Rants and Raves

IC: Bliss

I'm an Attention Whore

Chris J. Canatsey
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IC: Bliss

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George revved the engine hard as he raced along the highway, weaving in and out of the slower cars. He had long ago removed his helmet, his hair whipping freely back and his eyes narrowed at the high winds. He was already pining for his beloved, the feel of her lips on his cheek or her hand within his starting to fade.

It had been a strange few days lately. George had his usual routine of church repair, he removed an urge demon from a home the night prior and just this morning he had helped to consecrate a new graveyard. But everything felt...more. Ever since he met Kat, his life had become more and more beautiful. Sights and smells, previously overlooked, seemed highlighted to his senses and stood out everywhere. Life had a beauty to it, a new look and a new polish that his previous specter of death always seemed to hide.

He heard the next song cycle through on his iPod, the song he had dubbed "Kat's Song" in his heart. He thought back to that night, where she had dressed him in such finery as he had never known to celebrate his new life. Where she had worn clothing he saw fit for only perfection...and she was perfection in  his eyes. His smile grew wide, and he laughs as he lays the bike to the side. His foot touching the ground, George makes a sharp J-turn and immediately changes lanes and speeds back up north. Kat had broken him from his mold, made him feel like a real person for the first time in nearly a decade.

Fresh Strawberries and wildflowers were a must, he hoped to surprise her by arriving a day earlier than he said. Plans with his father could wait, love could not be contained so.
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