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Rants and Raves

*peers up form the paper* You're still here..?

I'm an Attention Whore

Chris J. Canatsey
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*peers up form the paper* You're still here..?

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Well hello gentle reader, I see you've stuck around this long. Hope you're not expecting some epic tale or firm reason for my absence in La-la LJ land.

Life has been a bit of a roller-coaster as of late. Financial issues with the car have been (mostly) settled, got my budget plan set back in place for the rest of the calender year. Making the intelligent choice to move back in with my father at the end of the year, gonna rent out the upstairs portion of his 2 story house. This'll allow me to afford a brand new car (a good investment) as well as finish schooling for a better paying job. I'm not entirely please with having to move, but it is for the best to give myself a better future. Plus I'll have steady internet access so life won't be to difficult.

I started a creation blog, gonna update Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday's. Hit me up if you want the link.

Let's get the ball rolling again, time to get these old tires out of the mud.
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